“Clean, Like My Conscience”

By Nehalem Chudnoff

~Inspired by the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver~

Wipers in rain,
cars swerving lanes,
cleaning the back-seat
of old cum and blood stains

A girl in the streets,
both her parents in grief,
and men on street corners
crumbling money like leaves

A woman at work,
with that heartbreaking smirk,
who stops answering calls
for that shit-eating jerk

Well this lonely man’s tired,
and his brain’s come unwired,
‘cause he’s living a life
that nobody admired

So now it’s bullets in brains,
of scum bags with disdain,
and the girl is now safe,
she’s no longer in pain

Now that woman’s fine head
is in my mirror up ahead,
so I know I won’t stop
‘til that little prick’s dead

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